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Lazar Technologies was established in 1993 by Carlos Gaviria. The company started out by making protective guards and refurbishing old Resina® cappers. In the year 1999 Lazar released there first new machine the Model LCT-20 Retorquer. One year later Lazar started to go into production with the new Model LC30 Inline Capper.



Our main mission is to create hassle-free, heavy duty machinery for the packaging world. While our focus now is on improving and perfecting the capping machine, Lazar will soon be getting into other areas of the packaging line.



One of Lazar Technologies top priorities is its' commitment and dedication to making high quality machinery. We accomplish this task by constantly staying updated on new advances in machine technology. Our machinery is always being improved upon to keep up with the new standards of today's world. These improvements include the material used, third-party products used, electronics, aesthetics, & functionality of the machine as well as being efficient and green on the manufacturing end. With all of these improvements in mind you are guaranteed high quality, long-lasting machinery from Lazar Technologies.

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