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 Brochure - Servo Motor
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Model SC-20-8-EXP

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The Lazar Servo Chuck Capper is driven by a precision servo motor that can command dfferent torque limits depending on the cap being applied. During the application of the cap onto the bottle the servo drive is continuously checking the commanded torque limit and acts as a precision clutch to allow consistent application every time. 

The chuck has linear movements up and down which is done using a band cyclinder which is also driven by a servo motor. This allows us to command the different heights needed to cap the bottle. Each cap and bottle set has its own optimized sequence which is saved in the program.


Our HMI screen allow you to easily display all the information needed for each of your caps and bottles. There are 26 different recipes that can be saved to allow changeovers to take less than a minute. Every operation that takes place can also be optimized through the HMI screen. This includes torque, height, speed and time settings, all of which can be modified. 


Why Choose a Servo Chuck Machine?


Consistent and Accurate Torque Control

If you are receiving complaints for loose or over torqued caps from your customers. If you need to document torques or ensure proper torque on products. The Servo Chuck machine uses servo technology to sense the exact moment a cap reaches the defined torque limit.


Constantly Switching Between Multiple Caps & Bottles

If you need a quicker solution to changeover between different sized bottles and caps. The servo Chuck machine can change Gripper holders and recipes in under a minute. The HMI screen can currently store up to 27 recipes or more if requested.


Replace Hand Capping Stations

If you are currently filling and capping by hand and want to eliminate employee health problems related to repetitive stress.


Adjustable Torque: 0 - 103 LB-IN 

Adjustable Base: 32” - 44” Table Height 

Bottle Size: 1/4” - 8” Wide , 1/2” - 16” Tall 

Cap Size Range: 8mm - 120mm 

Up to 26 Saved Recipes 

Stainless Steel Construction 

Under 1 Minute Change Overs 

Fully Adjustable Speed and Time Settings 

Class 1 Div 1 for Hazardous Environments 




Servo Chuck Motor

Servo Chuck Motor

Apply, Adjust, and Monitor specific torque.


Controlled by HMI Touch Screen and Lazar Touch Software.


Allows the operator to monitor cap torques, decrease downtime & maintenance, resulting in a higher production rate.

Servo Chuck Side View

Servo Chuck Side View