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 2013 Brochure - LC30
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Model LC30

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The Lazar Automatic In-Line Capper Model LC30 is a heavy duty fully automatic in-line capper specifically designed to handle various cap sizes, sort and tighten the caps on containers to a pre-determined torque. It is also suitable to torque “hand placed” caps, spray pumps, finger pumps, and trigger sprayers.


Adjustment: The LC30 “No Tool” design allows the operator to make proper gripping and height adjustments quickly and accurately without the use of tools. Fast and simple machine adjustments are made using crank handles, knobs, and variable motor speed controls.


Speed: The LC30 is capable of applying up to 250 caps per minute (cpm) of sizes ranging from 10mm to 89mm. Speed is ultimately determined by the container and cap size. Container size can be up to 1.5 gallons. While most containers require only one set of gripper belts, the installation of an additional second set of belts is optional.


Function: The LC30 is equipped with a time-tested cap sorting system that is 99.9% accurate. The caps are sorted by a purely mechanical, quick change-over dial that never requires electronic adjustments or the use of air. A simple sensor is used to automatically feed the required amount of caps, thus providing hands-free cap sorting that promises gentle cap handling. The container spout picks the cap from the cap holder (chute-end). The container proceeds to the first tightening station were the cap is placed without cross-threading. The cap then enters the second and third station where the cap is tightened to a predetermined torque. The tightening stations use a patented heavy duty dry fiction clutch designed to slip when the cap reaches the desired application torque.


Reliability: The LC30 is a heavy duty, time-tested design manufactured in the U.S.A. to last many years with trouble-free use and delivers a high degree of cap torque application and accuracy.


Automatic Lazar Cap Sorter

The LC30 uses a time-tested dial style cap sorting system. The lightweight dial is aluminum treated with a “hard coat” to provide service free of maintenance for many years. The LCS26 is designed for quick change applications. Change-over takes only ten minutes to place and adjust. The design is time-tested and 99.9% accurate requiring no air or electronic sensor adjustments.


The LCS26 is constructed with stainless steel and FDA-approved materials to fulfill the requirements of both the pharmaceutical and the food industries. In addition to these specifications, the LCS26 features our “Cap Overflow Extension” which allows for a reserve of extra caps to accommodate faster cap selection and application.



Quick Adjust Bottle Gripping

The LC30 bottle gripping system is designed for quick change applications thus making this equipment a favorite of line operators. The “No Tool” bottle gripping system is vertically and horizontally adjusted. This style of bottle gripping is designed for a wide range of container styles without additional change parts.


The LC30 uses a standard 1” belt style bottle gripping. Adjustments are from 0” to 6” (vertically) and accommodate .5” to 7.5” wide containers. For certain applications, double belts or use of 2” wide belts are optional. For special applications, shaped profile belts are also available. The LC30 uses a 1” diameter heavy duty gripper drive system.

Safety Guards & Tightening Stations

The LC30 is designed with the maintenance mechanics and line operators in mind. The engineering implements time-tested design with new technological improvements. The “Nothing Hidden” concept employs clear polycarbonate guards allowing a clear view of the machine dynamics. The ability to observe the machine promotes prevention and results in the reduction of total down-time.


Adjustable heavy duty dry friction clutches assure an accurate and consistent cap torque application. The clever “Swing-Away” cap tightening stations are designed to give for more delicate applications or stiffen for higher torque requirements. The design also allows quick removal of cap tightening stations for easy maintenance.


Machine Specifications:

Maximum Speed: 250 cpm (depending on cap/bottle)

Cap Size: 10mm to 70mm; 89 mm (special)

Container Size: Up to 1.5 gallon

Electrical Specifications: 115/240/460 VAC

Machine Dimensions: 48” W. x 47” L. x 103” H.



Additional Options:



Conveyor View

Conveyor View

Bottle exit end of the conveyor.

3 Quill Stations

3 Quill Stations

The LC30 model. (Note there are only 3 stations on the LC30, which distincts it from the LC40, the 4 station version of the Lazar Capper.)

Stainless Steel Kit

Stainless Steel Kit

Stainless steel kit features most major parts being stainless steel instead of the standard aluminum construction.

Quill Assembly Left Hand

Quill Assembly Left Hand

HMI Control Panel

HMI Control Panel

Double Gripper with PVC Coating

Double Gripper with PVC Coating