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The Lazar Single Cycle Capper is a hazardous location capper that is all electric using a variable speed electric motor and electric controls. An approved housing and seal-offs are used in accordance
with the acceptable standard for this class of controllers (Class 1, Div. 1 & 2, Groups C & D). This unit can be cycled up to 40 times per minute.

When power is applied, the cappers produce continuous rotating and reciprocating motions. Adding START and STOP switches to the basic machine design results in a single-cycle, or cycle on demand capping machine. The cappers are available in semi or fully automatic capping. For the fully automatic machine, just simply place the container against the stop, a switch is activated to cycle the capper only once.

Electroless Nickel is an available option for ALL MODELS used in CORROSIVE CAPPING APPLICATIONS. The nickel prevents corrosive wear in applications such as:
- Pickling
- Citric Juices & Concentrates
- Acidic Solutions & Compounds

The LSCC is a cycle on demand machine that waits for the operator to place the container against a V-block switch in order to start the cycle. The machine automatically stops at the end of the cycle and the operator removes the container. This unit includes a variable speed motor and will produce more than 40 cappings per minute at factory settings.

- Spindle reversing feature to facilitate de-capping
- Longer columns for up to 15 inch containers
- Foot switch for hands-free operation
- Stainless steel shaft and clutch assemblies
- Precision torque hysteresis clutch (accurate to 0.1 in.-lbs.)
- Special machine surface coatings
- Hazardous location motors
- Adjustable height cart
- Corrosion resistant finish


Side View

Side View

LSCC Dimensions

LSCC Dimensions