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 2012 Lazar Options Brochure
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Model CLDS

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The Lazar Cap Liner Detection Unit is a designed with simplicity in mind. The Inspection Unit is capable of checking for caps for inner liners before they enter into the chute for capping. The rejected caps are sent to a designated rejection bin attached to the machine, readily accessible for removal.

The system uses two sensors. One fiber optic sensor checks to see if a cap is present. The other RGB Fiber optic sensor uses color and light intensity to detect if a liner is present.

This system can be used in hazardous or "explosion proof" environments. All mechanical functions are done with air cylinders.




CLDS Cap Liner Detection System



CLDS Close-up

CLDS Close-up

RGB Fiber Optic Sensor

RGB Fiber Optic Sensor

 Close up of the RGB Fiber Optic Sensor detecting whether a liner is present.  This sensor can be used in hazardous locations.