Model LSHS-30

Steam Generator Model LSHS-30

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The Lazar Cap Steam Heating System uses a dry steam generator capable of delivering up to 212 degrees of culinary clean steam to the cap for heating before cap application. The dry steam is 97% dry steam with very little condensation. The complete Cap Steam Heating System includes all the connections, nozzles, Stainless Steel cap chute and drains for any condensation of the vapors.

Model C510

Spring & Digital Torque Tester

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The Torque Tester Model C510A, B, C, D and E are spring loaded testers that require no power to operate. All models hold containers from 1/2” to 6” in diameter and measure both applied and removal torque. The large measurement scale has traveling stops that show the highest reading. This portable measuring device is made from sturdy machine metal parts with a padded carrying handle. Dimensions are 9 in. wide by 17 in. long by 4 in. high (less bottle chuck pins) Weight is 15 lbs. Choose one of three standard scales:

Model CSP

Container Sorter Model CSP

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The Container Sorter Place Model CSP takes a pile of containers and sorts them with an elevator. The elevator send the containers up to the top where it places them into four rails. The rails slide down and are transfered onto a conveyor.

Model LSU

Bottle Spacing Unit - Model LSU

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Lazar Bottle Spacing Unit with DC variable speed control.. This Device is a heavy duty, self driven, double wheel bottle spacer. Typically used to separate small containers for proper capping operation. Can be used as a separator prior to label and cap inspection.

Model LCE

Cap Elevator Model LCE

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The Lazar Cap Elevator can be made in various sizes in order to match your current system. The purpose of a cap elevator is to relocate the storage of caps to ground level for easy access.

Model LCON

Bottle Conveyor Model LCON

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The Lazar Conveyor, LCON, is a heavy duty, stainless steel construction ranging from 6 ft. to over 20 ft. custom design lengths. Easy No Tool adjustable sides and rails for conveying various containers sizes and shapes. The standard drive can pull up to 60 ft. feet of conveyor belt making the LCON lengths customizable and versatile.

Model LCES

Cap Elevator Sorter Model LCES

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The Lazar Cap Elevator Sorter with the extended chute allows the LCES to be easily placed in any production line.

Model LCS26

Cap Sorter Model LCS26

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The LCS26 delivers properly oriented caps via a discharge chute. The caps are sorted and delivered without using air or electronic controls. This sorting system is simple to adjust with a 100% accuracy rate.